The Public Studio is a boutique screen media practice based in Melbourne, Australia. 


We have a two-track focus.

- collaborating with like-minded clients on creative film, video and photographic projects for their brands, businesses and events;

- the development of risk-taking experimental film projects for cinema, installation and gallery spaces.

The maintenance of these two streams of production and development is essential for us, and ensures our work not only stays fresh, but that these two tracks also influence and inform one another in rich and surprising ways. 


Who we are & what drives us.

The co-creative directors of The Public Studio are husband-and-wife filmmaking team, Nicholas Coghlan and Ming-Zhu Hii. 

Our mix of art-heroes is added to on a regular basis, but currently includes John Cage, Alain Resnais, Wim Wenders, Alan Watts, David Lynch, Samuel Beckett, Jean-Luc Godard, Chris Marker, Yoko Ono, Matthew Barney, Eve Sussman, Sophie Calle, Andrei Tarkovsky, Quayola and Bill Viola. 

We are interested in storytelling that allows a subject to breathe; films and images that give the viewer space for reflection and a deep, visceral point of access to the message being communicated. 


Uncommon film, made simply. 

We believe very strongly in keeping the work lean and essential - favouring easeful, elegant visual storytelling above bloated effects, gear-heavy shoots or aggressive bells and whistles. 

This allows us to deliver an artwork that is profound, honestly moving and exciting in its simplicity.

With access to an extensive network of industry professionals with whom we collaborate on a regular basis - including animators, cinematographers, illustrators, performers, designers and composers all at the top of their game - we create work across a broad scale-range, for a variety of purposes and all with the same rigour of attention to detail, quality and aesthetic.  

Russell Goldsmith (sound), Joachim Coghlan (performer) and Ming-Zhu Hii (director) on the set of Hey, Wasteland. 

Russell Goldsmith (sound), Joachim Coghlan (performer) and Ming-Zhu Hii (director) on the set of Hey, Wasteland.