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Melbourne, VIC 3000

Artwork & Collaborations

Aeropress: a coffee ritual (2014)

Sayraphim Lothian: Sharing Ink (2013)

Fruit - for This Is Beautiful (2013)

Sparkles - for This Is Beautiful (2013)

Sample of Until Then, Then - AV installation / multi-screen projection. (2013)

Flour - for This Is Beautiful (2013)

Plastic - for This Is Beautiful (2013)

Mask - for This Is Beautiful (2013)

Clouds, Trees, Streams - for the School of Life, London (2014)

Between Lands & Longings: with Chamber Made Opera & Zierle & Carter (2014)

Attract/Repel (as The Melbourne Town Players) theatre & installation (2009) 

The Street: Attract/Repel pre-show foyer installation (2009)


Resumé of Original Works & Collaborations 


"Close Observations of a Single Subject" (short film) - as Find & Replace Films


Aeropress, a coffee ritual (video)

Clouds, Streams, Trees for The School of Life (video)

Between Lands & Longings with Chamber Made Opera and Zierle & Carter (video)


Sayraphim Lothian: Sharing Ink (video)

This Is Beautiful (theatre & video installation)

Until Then, Then (theatre & multimedia installation)


Hey, Wasteland (short film, incomplete)


Attract/Repel (theatre, video & lighting installation) - as The Melbourne Town Players

Sandwiches (installed performance / theatre) - as The Melbourne Town Players

Two (WIP / intimate theatre / video installation) - as Ming-Zhu Hii


Y. (theatre) - as Ming-Zhu Hii