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Melbourne, VIC 3000

THE FIELD - Between Lands & Longings


THE FIELD - Between Lands & Longings

Ming-Zhu Hii

In late-2013, the iconoclastic UK performance art duo, Zierle & Carter came to Australia to present Between Lands & Longings, a new performance work co-commissioned by the In-Between Time festival in Bristol, and our own intimate-avant-garde opera company, Melbourne-based Chamber Made Opera

When CMO approached The Public Studio to collaborate in some way with Z&C, we all decided that a film, riffing off the visual ideas inherent in Zierle & Carter's work would be great addition to the Australian performance season. 

The culmination of the shooting of all the footage is a dark, whimisical ode to Zierle & Carter's work; documentation-meets-surrealist film which premiered at a special screening at Federation Square in December; a looped backdrop for a very public re-creation of the show. 

From today, every week for 7 weeks, we will be releasing small tasters of the full work that screened at Fed Square (each instalment is frightfully short - approximately 1:15, never more than about 4, the shortest less than a minute); on week-8, we will release the full thing in all its 20-minute glory, for a glorious, long, weird-and-beautifully entertaining coffee break. 

We doff our hats significantly to the entire team behind Between Lands & Longings who made the creation of such an exciting and strange filmic-beast possible. In particular we would like thank Alexandra Zierle, Paul Carter, Kayleigh Fellows and Tim Stitz for being efficient, generous, inspiring and generally damned good sports. 

Zierle & Carter: Between Lands and Longings

a film by The Public Studio

of "Between Lands and Longings” 
a Living Room Opera performance by Zierle & Carter

presented by Chamber Made Opera
directed by Ming-Zhu Hii & Nicholas Coghlan
produced by The Public Studio 
in association with Zierle & Carter and Chamber Made Opera
edited by Ming-Zhu Hii
cinematography Nicholas Coghlan
sound Ming-Zhu Hii
performed by Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter
additional Footage “Moth” courtesy of Zierle & Carter


"Lone Waltz" by Brombaer and Fljóta

Additional Audio courtesy of Zierle and Carter | Chamber Made Opera | Steph O’Hara | Nicholas Coghlan

original Macedon Living Room Opera Weekend “Between Lands and Longings” by Zierle & Carter

presented by Chamber Made Opera
artistic director David Young
creative director Tim Stitz
executive producer Shelley McCuaig
lighting design & production manager Bronwyn Pringle 
sound design by Alexandra Zierle with Kathy Hinde and Steph O’Hara

stage manager Kayleigh Fellows

production assistant Tim Nolan
front of house Jeni Howland

Living Room Opera hosts Gillian and Paul Carter

a co-commission with In Between Time Festival (Bristol)

“Between Lands and Longings” (performance) produced with the assistance of
Arts Council England | Arts Victoria – State Government of Victoria | City of Melbourne | IBT

Presented by Chamber Made Opera

© The Public Studio MMXIII