The first thing...

The first thing is to say, welcome

I'm here writing about the work again, and this is the form that The Public Studio (the magnificent, somewhat amorphous container that it's been over the years) is largely going to be taking for now.

There's more about the intention and impetus behind writing about the work here, and you can also get a bit of a rough idea as to the other wee special projects I'll be looking at initiating here over the coming months, time providing of course. 

The second thing is to state quite clearly that I am working on a new film at the moment.

I'm at maybe about the mid-point of writing a first hack at the screenplay (but I'm also playing around with structure and script-form, so this may change), and the sincere intention is to shoot it this year, in a microbudget capacity.

I say sincere intention with all... sincerity. But also a well-seasoned side of grounded expectations. It might not happen. I'm aiming for it, but life is fickle and filmmaking is hard. And filmmaking on zero budget is almost impossible, I'm told. (But then again. When someone tells me that something is impossible, I usually take it as an invitation to at least attempt to prove them wrong.) 

I'm going, for better or for worse, to be keeping a loose log of the process of making this film here, which might one day end up being useful (for me at least), particularly for revisiting all the bits I get wrong and that don't go as planned. It's absolutely, utterly and totally not a how-to (please don't follow along), but more of a "well here's some shit that I fucked up today" journal.

The second-and-a-half-thing is that I intend to sporadically also reflect and respond to the work of other artists (mostly filmmakers, some theatremakers, some poets, authors, musicians and visual artists) whose work has some kind of influence on my own, or resonance with my sensibilities, however intangible. 

Which brings me to the third thing, which is that I was recently asked to join Lee and Rochelle on Hell is for Hyphenates (a wonderful podcast for cinephiles), an honour indeed, and chose Mr. Steve McQueen (Hunger, Shame, 12 Years a Slave) as my auteur into whose work to chomp ravenously. And chomp I did. It dropped on iTunes, etc. today, and is more than enough of me gabbing on about the work for now.

But just in case it isn't, the fourth and final thing is this Twitter thread (*cough* tweetstorm) below that I posted on Saturday night (which went largely unremarked upon, but then again, I did post it on Saturday night). Some brief thoughts on the closure of a magazine store in Soho, London, and the inexorable loss of that which we hold sacred. As it is a *cough* thread, you'll need to click on it to see the full weather pattern.  

Until soon. MZ. x